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Medical Weight Loss

DEPTH Wellness Collective offers the most comprehensive and affordable virtual medical weight loss program. Our program pricing includes medication, supplies, medical oversight, lab work, educational modules, and health coaching.


  • Completely Virtual
  • All Inclusive
  • Medication Shipped to Your Door
  • Experienced Providers
  • Access to Functional Health Coaching

Our goal is to use these game changing medications as a TOOL in your weightloss journey. No one should stay on these medications forever… We are here to help you lose weight while you develop habits for long term success. We have treated hundreds of patients who have reached their goals and are thriving.

Ready to Join Us? Book a Consult Now

At DEPTH Wellness Collective, we have chosen to break free from the constraints of health insurance. We make care affordable by offering cash-based membership options for every patient.  Patients can still choose to utilize health insurance for certain diagnostic testing when indicated.

Become the Best Version of Yourself at Depth Wellness Collective